Your guide to Škoda Electric Vehicles.

Going electric doesn’t have to be daunting.
Škoda have a range of electric options to suit your needs.

Should I have a home charging point?

Charging at home gives you the flexibility of topping up your battery when you are not using your car. Often this means plugging in overnight and waking to a fully charged battery ready for your next journey. Similar to how you use your mobile phone.

Where can I charge my car?

There are now thousands of public charging stations across the UK with new ones being added every day. Simply put your car on charge and grab a well-earned coffee break on those longer journeys.

How do electric car batteries work?

The ENYAQ iV powers the car using only a battery, which can be charged from an external power supply.

Battery electric vehicles (BEV) rely solely on electric motors for propulsion. They derive their electricity primary from charging points and store it in battery packs. The key benefits of electric vehicles are that they emit no emissions, they run silently, offer nimble dynamics, and servicing them is not so complex.

How far can I go on a full charge?

On a full charge the ENYAQ iV 60 and 80 offers a WLTP combined range of up to 256 miles and 331 miles ±. Use our Range Calculator to get an idea of how the range might be affected by several significant factors, such as the weather, driving style or load.

What are my charging options?

Home wall-box
For faster charging you can install a specialised wall-box, provided you have access to off-street parking. Wall-boxes are more powerful than a domestic socket and will charge an ENYAQ iV 60 in 9.5 hours+. The SUPERB PHEV charges in just 3.5 hours via a wall-box+

Three-pin plug
You can plug your car into charge using a regular three-pin domestic socket. Domestic plugs run at 2.3kW and will charge a ŠKODA SUPERB PHEV in around five+

Rapid charger
These are usually found in motorway services or on main roads. They use a high power AC or DC supply to get you charged up in minutes instead of hours. Incredibly, they’re capable of charging your electric vehicle to 80% in as little as 30 minutes.

What effects the cars range?

There are a variety of factors that influence your electric vehicle’s range. Examples include environmental influences like temperature and weather; your driving style; the type of driving you’re doing; the vehicle’s condition; traffic conditions; accessories fitted; the weight of a load and systems used like air conditioning and heating.

The three biggest impacts are climate control, outside temperatures and driving styles. But, planning ahead and driving economically will have the most positive impact on your battery’s range.

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