Rainworth Škoda Video Library

We’ve put together a small collection of our favorite videos which not only help explain what happens when you bring your car in with us for a service, but also explain how all the exciting features on your car work, what they do and how they do it.

Whether your car is due a major or minor service, or you’ve hit a pot hole and want to know what to do about it, our Servicing Videos are here to help you understand what you need to do next. Click here to scroll down to the section regarding servicing.

So, your car has Reverse Traffic Assist. Sounds Great! What is it? Think of our Technology Videos as an interactive visual version of your cars handbook. It’s much easier to understand something by being shown, as opposed to just reading about it! Click here to scroll down to the Technology Video section.

Škoda Finance Explained

Solutions Personal Contract Plan PCP
Hire Purchase
Equity Explained
Annual percentage rate (APR)
Guaranteed Future Value GFV
Early Renewals


Major and Minor Servicing
Visual Health Check
Air Conditioning Service
Brake Fluid Change
DSG Oil Change
Cambelt Replacement
Pot Hole Damage


Virtual Pedal

Hands full and can’t open the boot? Don’t worry, Virtual Pedal will save the day.

Rear Traffic Alert

Reversing out of a parking bay can be tricky. Rear Traffic Alert scans up and down the road to make sure it’s safe to reverse.

Smart Light Assistant

When you’re driving at night, with your lights on dipped or full beam – the car will automatically adjust the lights to not glare drivers of any oncoming traffic.

Traffic Jam Assist

If you commute in heavy traffic, Traffic Jam Assist will take over the accelerating and braking for you to keep you moving.

Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC)

When you change the mode of your car, the chassis adjusts to suit your chosen driving mode, ranging from comfort, to sport.

Blind Spot Detection

Sensors let you know whether it’s clear to change lanes by checking for cars hidden away in your blind spot.

Park Assist 3.0

The latest Park Assist 3.0 allows the car to park on its own, whether that’s into a bay or parallel park.

Lane Assist

Sensors mounted on the front of your car identify the white lines in the road, allowing the car to make small adjustments to the steering in case you veer slightly out of your lane.

Media Command

Take control of the on board infotainment system directly from your tablet.