July 13, 2017

It’s no secret to any driver that Mansfield’s roads are in a poor state of repair and have been for a while. Some are so obvious that it’s easy to wind your way through the streets damage, however it’s all to easy to get caught out by this growing nuisance.

Hitting a pot hole can cause all sorts of damage to your car, both instantly, as well as long term, if the problems are not rectified straight away.

Hopefully you’ll get away unscathed, however damage can range from bulges within the tyre, meaning it could blow out at any point, to a bent rim, loss of wheel weights and even broken springs. All of these seriously affect the safety of your car and could cause a failure of your MOT.

“Don’t Gamble with Pothole Damage”, our new safety campaign is designed to keep you safe, by offering a completely free Škoda Safety Check over all of the components that could have been affected by hitting one of Mansfield’s Potholes. It’s simply a quick 30 minute check which includes an assessment for:

Tyre Damage (most popular)
Wheel Damage
Wheel Alignment
Suspension Damage
Contact us today on 01623 623 400 to book in for your free safety check.

Please don’t gamble with pothole damage, it could cost a lot to repair your car if left untreated, or worse still – affect the safety and driveability of your car.

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