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January 25, 2019

Our Kodiaq vRS demonstrator is one of only 76 in the country and is proving to be a huge hit thanks to its practicality, comfort but most of all, its aw inspiring performance. To book your experience in this incredible machine, check availability below and contact us either by ringing us on 01623 623400 or by filling out the form underneath the table.

Designed for families and refined on the notorious German race track, the Nurburgring – the Kodiaq vRS will launch you, your 6 passengers and the pet dog from 0 – 60 in 7 seconds and on to a top speed of nearly 140mph. The twin-turbo diesel power plant packs 240bhp and an incredible 500nm of torque, while returning 44mpg!

For more details on experiencing the incredible Kodiaq vRS for yourself, simply contact us using the form below or by ringing the team on 01623 623400.

DateKodiaq vRS LocationAvailability (Available/Showroom/On Demo)
25th JanBickerton SKODA, SheffieldShowroom (static display)
26th JanBickerton SKODA, SheffieldShowroom (static display)
27th JanBickerton SKODA, SheffieldShowroom (static display)
28th JanRainworth SKODA, MansfieldOn Demo
29th JanRainworth SKODA, MansfieldOn Demo
30th JanRainworth SKODA, MansfieldOn Demo
31st JanRainworth SKODA, MansfieldAvailable
1st FebRainworth SKODA, MansfieldShowroom (static display)
2nd FebRainworth SKODA, MansfieldShowroom (static display)
3rd FebRainworth SKODA, MansfieldShowroom (static display)
4th FebTBCAvailable
5th FebTBCAvailable
6th FebTBCAvailable
7th FebTBCAvailable
8th FebTBCAvailable
9th FebBickerton SKODA, SheffieldShowroom (static display)
10th FebBickerton SKODA, SheffieldShowroom (static display)
11th FebTBCAvailable
12th FebTBCAvailable
13th FebTBCAvailable
14th FebTBCAvailable
15th FebTBCAvailable
16th FebRainworth SKODA, MansfieldShowroom
17th FebRainworth SKODA, MansfieldShowroom
18th FebTBCAvailable
19th FebTBCAvailable
20th FebTBCAvailable
21st FebTBCAvailable
22nd FebTBCAvailable
23rd FebBickerton SKODA, SheffieldShowroom (static display)
24th FebBickerton SKODA, SheffieldShowroom (static display)
25th FebTBCAvailable

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